Our Story

DDA has been envisaged and established by dynamic leaders with years of experiences in the field of architecture, interior design and education.


DDA’s programmes includes core units in which students will be expected to develop an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the designer in a commercial context and to acquire the ability to communicate ideas through drawing and other visual techniques and skills.

Students will also be trained to preparation of initial ideas, market research, investigation and practical exploration into materials, processes and techniques. Creative thinking and the ability to generate free flowing ideas are vital skills for all artists and designers. Students will develop skills in generating and communicating ideas visually. They will work independently and with others in generating and developing ideas.

Students will cultivate understanding of the social, psychological, cultural, historical and commercial factors which underpin all visual arts theory and practice across the spectrum of subject specialism.

Students will cultivate skills to provide a coherent, creative and professional portfolio of work which can be used for subsequent interviews and presentations.


Design Development Academy DDA is among India's top notch and prestigious education & training providers for the Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design & Photography Sector.

We aim to create real life learners and make our students capable to start their professional practice immediately after completion of the course. Our objective is to train professionals with a comprehensive range of cognitive and intellectual skills, holistically planned to develop across a wide range of learning experiences.


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