Learning never exhausts the mind.

DDA is taking an aligned, comprehensive approach across support systems and have implied efforts to produce more capable, successful designers and will be critical thinkers, innovative and creative, problem solvers, good communicators, good collaborators, information and technology literate, flexible and adaptable, globally competent and financially literate


The term “learning environment” covers not only place and space but the relationships that create a supportive environment for every student. DDA provides the support systems that organize the condition in which humans learn best– the systems that accommodate the unique needs of every learner and support the positive human relationships needed for effective learning. We provide the structures, tools and communities that inspire students and educators to attain the knowledge and skills which are the demands of this century.

Today’s students need to be inspired to become creative, problem solvers and intellectual risk takers so that they are prepared for the competitive design industry.


Our Learning environment is an aligned and synergistic system of systems that:

  • Creates learning practices, human support and physical environments that support the teaching and learning of skills outcomes.
  • Supports professional learning communities that enable educators to collaborate, share best practices and integrate skills into classroom practice.
  • Enables students to learn in relevant, real world contexts (e.g., through project-based or other applied work).
  • Allows equitable access to quality learning tools, technologies and resources.
  • Supports expanded community and international involvement in learning, both face-to-face and online.


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