Excellent education and an excellent environment are two hallmarks of our Academy.

At DDA, we provide international standards of learning environment. The faculties who are mentoring our students at the DDA are qualified professionals, DDA staff had undergone an intensive training programme to convey fundamental skills which will allow students to be immediately operative. It provides each student a thorough training which will allow them to build up a professional career in the field of their interest.

Our courses balance the study of the craft with practical experience to be the best designers. This is achieved by a rigorous schedule of classroom instruction. Hands-on workshops and immediate experience. DDA believes that the most effective way for our students to master their chosen craft is to immediately start creating their own work in a hands-on intensive working environment. Towards this end all students begin practicing their craft during the first week of all our programs.

Our courses are taught through a balance of classroom instruction, hands-on workshops, and immediate experience in all aspects of the subject they are studying. This gives them flexibility as they gain in the many collaborative tasks and assignments that are required to produce good work, will be of immeasurable value to them as designers.


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